Internet Marketing: White Hat vs. Black Hat

Ethical and Unethical Online Marketing Campaigns

Just like anything else, there is good and bad in internet marketing campaigns. There are ethical and unethical means that companies use to boost website ranking. In the internet world it’s the white hat vs. the black hat.

White Hat Internet Marketing

White hat SEO is the ethical and legitimate method to raise your organic ranking for your website. Practices for this include, labeling your site properly, making it accessible, and having quality content. Not overdoing keywords and placing them in a natural, flowing manner will help place your site above your competition. This will ensure that your site will stay in the page ranking and not be banned from search engines.

Having legitimate inbound links from legitimate and respectable websites is a white hat method that all the search engines approve. Articles on sites like Ezine Articles, a reputable and well-known article posting site, can boost white hat internet marketingyour ranking and make your website‘s, product, or service highly regarded. Content based SEO is a great white hat method.

Black Hat Internet Marketing

Black hat SEO is like going over to the dark side of SEO. A black hatter takes the search engine algorithms and tries to fool the search engines. He could probably get a little known soft drink company website above Coke and Pepsi…but not for long. It may only last a few hours. When Google and other search engines catch on to what is going on the site will more than likely be banned and never show shown again on those search engines.

Keyword stuffing, spamming, invisible text, spinning, and cloaking are all black hat techniques and not recommended if you want longevity and respect from the top search engines.  It’s amazing what black hat marketers come up with and do. It’s also quite unethical by search engine standards.

Ethical Online Marketing

The best thing you can do for your website is to keep it safe and legitimate and don’t worry about being banished from search engines. Go with white hat marketers. You’ll sleep better and know you’ve done the right thing for your website and business. Now go put on that white hat!

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6 Responses

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  2. I truly prefer blackhat seo.. short term gain BUT high profit. Thanks for the interesting read.

  3. Great read, will come back for more soon, thanks

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