Local Internet Marketing: Get Real Results

Let’s face it; no one uses the phone book anymore.  This is probably why so many local businesses are starting to turn towards local internet marketing.  At the same time, statistics are popping up on Internet forums and blogs suggesting that most local business owners don’t even own a website!

After taking a look at the amount of people looking for “local internet marketing” strategies online, I can see that anyone ready to jump on this still Local Internet Marketinghas fairly low competition.  Nielson actually conducted a survey suggesting that only 56% of small business owners own a website, while over 82% of consumers go online to find their local businesses.

Bridging the Gap between the Internet and the Consumer

Without a doubt, these statistics prove that any local business ready to get online should be able to have the lion’s share of their market on a local level.  Local internet marketing puts you on the map.  Seriously, in most cases, it’s as simple as just listing your business with Google Maps. 

Local marketing works even better when you pair it with Internet Marketing strategies such as blogging, article directories, videos, press releases, and website optimization. 

What does Local Internet Marketing Mean to a Small Business?

The steps you can take to do this on your own may seem easy.  If you haven’t done it before you probably want to look into outsourcing some of it. The reason is as simple as the old adage, “Time is money.” 

Your expertise combined with the expertise of an SEO consultant should put you way above any of your local competition.  In addition, the cost of Internet Marketing is pennies compared to the amount of money people spend on direct marketing campaigns.  Plus, you actually see results when you go online…

In our next few blog posts, we will address the different methods to use to get your business listed in local search engines along with combining a blended Internet marketing strategy of global and local Internet marketing with content that is useful and informative.

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