The FTC Ruling for Blogger Disclosures and Testimonials

Okay, before we get started on the latest FTC ruling for blogger disclosures and testimonials, I must offer my own disclosure here.  In no way am I a lawyer or advisor of law.  I’m just an online content writer that has been through the ever-evolving Wild West of Internet marketing for years. 

Did you know that five years of Internet Marketing is actually like 25 years in the real world?  Things just change so much within this form of technology that if you are serious about any sort of business opportunity, you have to know how to advertise online.  If you think that the rules will remain static, you’re dreaming. 

 The New FTC Ruling is Here to Help You

We’ve only started to harness this superhighway of information.  The recent federal trade commissionFTC ruling is here to set boundaries.  If you are a white hat marketer (heck, even a grey hat marketer), don’t worry because they’re on your side. 

You probably aren’t going to end up breaking any major laws, at least not when it comes to the guidance for online advertising that the Federal Trade Commission released on October 5, 2009.  If you want to make absolutely sure, you might just want to go straight to the source and look over this 80-page document yourself.

 Crackdown on Fake Blogs, Testimonials, and Reviews

Have you ever read one of those blogs that you can just tell is a fake personality made up to sell you the latest weight-loss product or health food supplement?  They are claiming that they lost over 900 pounds by sipping on some special concoction that tastes like the butt of a bear.

Well, now these bloggers need to offer a disclosure at the end stating that they are receiving a free product from the company selling it. 

The same goes for reviews.  This should come as no surprise because The Big G already took matters into their own hands a couple months ago and started shutting down false review sites created by the vendor of their own products or services.  Seems fair to me.

If you have a stellar testimonial on your product, you must follow it up with one of those disclosures like, “Results not typical…”

If you are an Internet Marketer, just keep your nose clean.  Provide information with value in your blogs, article directories, and other social media.  Then, you should have no problem gaining the trust of your prospects, the customer, or the FTC for that matter!

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