What’s all the Buzz about the New FTC Bill?

What does the Recent FTC Ruling Mean for Internet Marketing?

 On October 5, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission came down with a new FTC bill concerning blogging, testimonials, and commissions.  If you actually take a moment to look at the 80-page document, you will discover that it really isn’t as scary as it seems. 

 Save the Drama for the FTC

I have to wonder if some Internet Marketers don’t thrive on this type of drama to sell their next big thing, drive more traffic to their website, or simply scare the competition into giving up.  I have a friend that I hadn’t heard from in months, but as soon as he found out about the social media “crisis”, he was on the Internet bringing it to my attention. 

 The problem is that no one is really taking the time to figure out what this exactly means for people who conduct business online.  They’d rather listen to the latest reason why SEO is dead. 

 The Future of Promotional Work Online

If you think that the Internet was created to be the next “free” superhighway of information and all this sales propaganda is unorthodox, I’m here to tell internet marketingyou that this nice yet unrealistic viewpoint died in the early ’90s when MCI decided to market their new phone service online. 

 What a wave of genius!  Who would have thought that this would be a means of advertisement?  I could never guess from the other forms of media that reigned popular like the newspaper and television…

 The FTC Tries to Set Boundaries in the Wild West of Internet Marketing

It’s no secret that the FTC has been down on MLM marketing for years.  You can find pages of articles about this all over their website, claiming MLM statistics to be misleading and that only 1% of the market actually makes more money, while the rest of the poor souls make something in the area of $16 a month in sales in their effort to feed the “pyramid”.

 The problem with MLM marketing and the FTC is the very grey area of grouping affiliate marketing and legitimate MLM into the “pyramid-scheme” stereotype.  The new FTC ruling is an effort to set some boundaries on these sales techniques.

 In our next few blogs, we will discuss why this recent FTC ruling actually works to the advantage of white hat Internet Marketers.

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