About Us

Content based search engine optimization for businesses. We write and post Article Writingarticles, press releases, blogs, web 2.0 and more. Custom packages built especially for your company to increase organic ranking.

Our professional writers provide outstanding content for your website and blog. They write keyword rich, informative articles for posting on the top article submission sites. You will certainly be impressed with their knowledge and skills.

Our Press Release writers get the job done and get the word out about your company news. Press Releases are a key part of your internet marketing plan. Ranking Edge will help your news get noticed.

Content Based SEO

Ranking Edge is a content based, search engine optimization firm built to bring customers to your website. We provide a multitude of services so you can spend more time concentrating on your industry and less time with tedious marketing applications.

SEO Solutions that Work for Your Business

Internet marketing services provided:

Keyword Research

The Entire Content Based SEO Solution Depends on Keyword Research.Ranking Edge will take into account the keywords that each page on your website targets, or should target. We will do extensive research on your website and see what keywords people are using to reach your site…or your competition’s site.


The base of relevant content building revolves around well written articles submitted to reputable websites. Great articles and content attract attention, provide inbound links, and trustworthy referrals.

Press Releases are an Effective Search Engine Optimization Marketing Tool. A press release not only gets your up-to-date news out to the world wide web but it builds your link status with search engines.

Social Media

A significant social media presence is a key factor in internet marketing campaigns. While traditional advertising is on the decline, social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter are on a fast uphill climb. They have quickly become an advertising necessity for any SEO strategy worth its salt.

Web 2.0 Page Creation

Web 2.0 pages have released the web from a handful of large corporations to individuals and small businesses. The Web 2.0 philosophy has opened up the internet by letting users become more active contributors and by giving consumers more access to information.

Blog Creation | Posting | Comments

Blogs are very significant internet tools for building traffic and back links. This is an important factor for determining a website’s ranking by search engines like Google. Having an informative blog, with valuable information that links to your website, will bring more traffic to your website.

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