Stupid Internet Mistakes: What’s Yours?

If you are reading this blog post you have more than likely been on the internet for years and encountered, if not been part of, some stupid internet mistakes. In the spirit of Halloween I think we can be a little irreverent today. I’m willing to be the first one¬† to risk the ridicule that may come with my mistakes. Take a look at my top three stupid ¬†mistakes. There are more but I do have some sense of preservation and dignity still intact.

  1. Putting my youngest son on my Facebook page. He’s 23. He’s a college student. He’s a fun loving kid. Need I say more? I immediately regretted being his “friend”. Did I really want to see what he was posting on his page? Nnno! To his credit nothing unseemly has come across the news feed. But then again, perhaps he has taken my suggestion to have two Facebook pages. One for his friends where he can be as raunchy as he likes and one for me and other parents that tells us about how he just returned from church and charity work.
  2. A friend of mine, who displays artwork for sale at her business, posted images of the artwork on her blog. There was one particularly ugly piece of work that was centered around a 3D toilet paper roll. I commented on her blog and asked her if she really thought someone would buy it. Her comment back to me was short and not so sweet. She had already bought it.
  3. Email and the deadly auto-populate address was my demise on one particular email. I was sending an email to a colleague about one of our clients. To put it bluntly, it was a rather sarcastic and critical review of a presentation they had given. When I went to the address bar I accidently inserted the email address of one of their associates instead of my intended recipient. I confidently pushed send and at that moment saw the wrong email address. No taking that back. Nothing was ever said but it still haunts and humiliates me.

I’ve told you mine, now you tell me yours. Comment here with your stupid internet mistakes. It may make me feel better to know I’m not the only one.

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