Blogs Rank High for Content Based SEO

All types of different  people and businesses are using blogs to create a web presence and conversation. The word “blog” was originated from the term web log. They log people’s actions, reactions, and thoughts. An interesting Blogs content based seoblog creates an on-line community of people interested in similar issues and subjects. Some have thousands and thousands of followers and are a major force in social media.

Blogs Increase Organic Ranking

In todays business world they are a necessity as vast numbers of people search on-line for research and information before buying. Organic ranking for blogs are among the highest because content is updated frequently showing search engines fresh content to crawl. Any high quality internet marketing campaign includes a blog. Content based SEO is crucial to internet marketing and blogs are a big part of that toolbox.

WordPress October Statistics

WordPress, my favorite blog provider, announced their October stats on November 4th. If you have any doubts about blogs being an important and commonly used social media tool these statistics will prove their growth.

  • 467,107 blogs were created.
  • 6,690,017 posts were published.
  • 494,186 new users joined.
  • 7,623,730 file uploads.
  • 4,986 gigabytes of new files.
  • 842 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,856,864 logins.
  • 1,405,459,558 pageviews on, and another 1,474,457,685 on self-hosted blogs (2,879,917,243 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,509,895 active blogs and 25,386,866 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,600,608,549 words.

Put a Blog in your Internet Marketing Toolbox

These statistics prove that blogs have emerged as one of the best marketing tools the web provides. Blogs are easy to create and convenient to use. They give internet marketers an opportunity to promote their business in a web friendly atmosphere, appearing accessible and friendly. Not only can businesses get their word out but blog comments allow for followers reactions and input. What a great way for a business to keep on top of their clients, and potential clients wants and needs.

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Real Estate Brokers: SEO Sells

Real Estate Brokers, now more than ever, need to raise the bar on their marketing efforts. Content based SEO (search engine optimization) is taking the forefront with internet marketing strategies. Traditional efforts of advertising are just not doing the trick anymore. The Yellow Pages, newspaper advertising, and print publications are not producing satisfactory results. Internet marketing has become a crucial and essential tool for real estate brokers.

Listing Ads: Look Beyond for Real Results

Real estate brokers are at the top of the list for using internet marketing. Most brokers have their listings on line and hope that someone sees them and responds. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Slapping some listings on a website and hoping someone sees them is not enReal Estate for Saleough. Authority needs to be shown. What makes you different than the other thousands of real estate brokers? Let the world wide web know that you have knowledge about the industry above and beyond the average. Savvy brokers are using content based internet marketing to increase website traffic, leads, and sales.

Content Based SEO to Increase Awareness

Content based internet marketing is a proven, legitimate and ethical way to increase targeted website traffic. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to find new and loyal clients. Content in the form of articles, web 2.0 pages and social media are excellent tools for brokers. Not only does this create backlinks to the website but it increases the website’s organic ranking.

Real Estate Blogs

Every broker should have a blog. Sounds easy enough but it doesn’t stop at just having a blog. Continual posting everyday or at least several times a week is mandatory. The broker becomes the authority and go-to source for real estate information. While you are building trust with your followers you are also finding targeted leads looking for real estate services. The links in the blog will point to the Broker or Agent website’s home page and deeper links into specific site pages.

Internet Marketing: Brand Recognition and Trust

Internet marketing in the form of smart, informative content for real estate brokers and agents will build  brand recognition, gain trust, and turn leads into prospects and prospects into sales. Getting a step above the competition in the tight real estate market is essential to success. Get the word out, not just about your listings, but about your authority.

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Writing Ideas

One of the questions that I get asked most frequently regarding content based SEO is, “how can I think of more things to write about?” As blogs and social media become more popular it is a valid question. Sometimes writer’s block sets in and there seems no way out of it. Organic ranking depends heavily on written material so let’s get rid of that block.

Writing is like Having a Conversation

During your day you most certainly had conversations with someone Writing Ideassomewhere. If you hibernated all day and spoke to no one you were more than likely at least on your computer and sent or read some emails. Use these communications as tools for writing ideas.

Think about who you talked to and what your conversation was about. If your business is selling widgets, did you talk to someone about your new and improved widget? Did you tell someone about the new colors of your widgets or how one of your clients used a widget to promote their business? Write about it. It’s amazing how you can take one little, seemingly insignificant subject, and turn it into 400 words of content.

Top Ten Lists

A popular topic for writing are the top ten lists. Coming up with a top ten list is easier than you think. As a matter of fact, it does not need to be top ten, even a top three, five, or whatever your number is, will work.  Each list entry can have a brief description and before you know it you have your new written content.

Here’s my top ten list of top ten list possibilities!

  1. Top ten reasons to use a widget
  2. Top ten colors of widgets
  3. Top ten mistakes a widget user makes
  4. Top ten links about widgets
  5. Top ten widget testimonials
  6. Top ten books about widgets
  7. Top ten widget users
  8. Top ten quotes about widgets
  9. Top ten places to use a widget
  10. Top ten most popular widgets

Have a Sense of Humor

Writing does not always have to be serious. You may engage more readers and traffic if you write with a sense of humor. What did you laugh about today? Create an article about it and let your readers enjoy your experience. Sarcasm is not always a bad thing, and used with taste your readers will smile while perusing your content. In today’s day and age a smile is worth a thousand words! It just may bring your readers back for more.

Writer’s Block be Gone

Take a few of these ideas and expand on them. Don’t forget your keywords and headings and start writing. Before you know it your next article, blog post, or web 2.0 page is done, complete, and out on the world wide web.

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Does Flash Affect SEO?

Flash may be Visually Appealing but it is not an SEO Match

When you build your website you want it to be as attractive as possible. Your web designer, or yourself, may think that adding Flash will give it that extra punch that will bring admirers and traffic in droves to your site. While adding some Flash can make a web page more appealing;  too much of it can be a bad thing. 

Search Engines Love TextContent Based SEO

They crawl around scavenging for keywords, headings and relevant content. If your website is built entirely in Flash you face some enormous obstacles. Your search engine optimization will be a nightmare. Your text must also be available in the html code to benefit from any SEO.

Relevant content in a website is one of the most vital criteria for SEO. Search engines primarily read HTML text. They review this content and look for flowing content with keywords and headings. Text displayed in graphic form, including Flash, can only have a damaging effec t on SEO end results.

Flash, Keywords, and Search Engines: an unlikely Match

From an SEO perspective, if your site is entirely Flash, you only have one potential entry page, that being your main URL. Not only will search engines not notice your home page but all your other site pages, that could have organic ranking with search engines, are missed out when a search engine crawls your site. All your keyword research is most likely for naught.

While it is possible to create a website with Flash that meets the search engine optimization requirements, the process is tedious, complicated, long, and expensive. Even with that said, the site may never achieve its full capability for SEO. The challenges are many and in the long run, it is probably not worth it.

Flash can Work in Moderation

Don’t get me wrong, a site with Flash can be very visually appealing, but if you don’t get the traffic you would like you can more than likely blame the Flash.

So, what is Flash good for? A well rounded site with html and banners or ads in Flash will provide the necessary information for search engine crawlers and some nice aesthetic features. Content based SEO is the most solid of internet marketing plans. Whatever you do include some great content, with flowing keywords and headings so you will be recognized.

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Top Reasons to have a Blog

Key Ingredient for Search Engine Optimization.

Blogs are rich in text, full of links and frequently updated. Search engines love them. More and more businesses have them and enjoy the benefits they provide. They have become an internet marketing dream to increase organic ranking.Content Based SEO

Simple Method to let Keywords bring you Traffic

Blog posts are like conversations with the world wide web. Naturally flowing keywords placed within posts are a great way for search engines to locate you. Better yet, if your blog’s domain name contains your most important keyword, search engines will jump on your site even faster.

Headers Lead the Way

Most blogging software conveniently offers the opportunity to insert headers. The H1 and H2 tags are there to optimize your blog so be sure to use them. Make sure your most valuable keywords are in those headers too.

Links, Links, and more Links

One of a blogs most important duties is to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your posts include links to your site. A great way to do this is with your anchor text containing your keywords. Don’t think that your home page is the only page to link. Dig down into your website and link to those other pages too. 

Links pointing to your blog and blog posts are essential to building your page rank. Search engines look for these. Commenting on other blogs is a way to get some links to your blog.

Content Specifically for your Target Market

When posting to your blog write as if you are talking to a potential client because that is exactly your goal. By the time they are finished reading your fabulous post they will want more and will likely turn from a lead to a prospect to a client.

Posting daily or at least a few time a week is mandatory in the blogging world. Don’t let writer’s block stop you. Sometimes the simplest thoughts can turn into a lengthy blog post. Oh, and don’t forget to put your secondary keywords in the body of your post.

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Organic Listings or Pay Per Click

Google Searches Offer Two Choices

The internet is used for finding just about everything. When you search in Google you typically have two columns of choices to click. On the left hand side is the organic listings and the right side is the sponsored listings. The type of internet marketing a website uses determines where their website is listed.

Organic Listings

The left hand side has a list of websites that fit the criteria of your entered Online marketingsearch words. The position of each site is determined by their organic ranking. “Organic listings” is a term used to describe a search that returns results by indexing pages based on content and keyword relevancy. Listings here can be more relevant to your chosen topic and you have a larger variety of choices.

Sponsored Links or Pay per Click

The right side is reserved for the sponsored links or pay per click (PPC) sites. These websites have paid Google to list their website. They have chosen specific keywords that when searched makes their website pop up. This is basically determined by who paid the most money. They are simply paid advertisements. When a keyword search matches an advertiser’s keyword list their ad appears. Each time you click one of the sites the website owner pays Google.

Quality Content

Whether you choose the organic listings or sponsored links your website query will more than likely result in information than can help you. But remember the organic listing ranking is more likely to result from quality content appropriate to your topic.

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Internet Marketing: White Hat vs. Black Hat

Ethical and Unethical Online Marketing Campaigns

Just like anything else, there is good and bad in internet marketing campaigns. There are ethical and unethical means that companies use to boost website ranking. In the internet world it’s the white hat vs. the black hat.

White Hat Internet Marketing

White hat SEO is the ethical and legitimate method to raise your organic ranking for your website. Practices for this include, labeling your site properly, making it accessible, and having quality content. Not overdoing keywords and placing them in a natural, flowing manner will help place your site above your competition. This will ensure that your site will stay in the page ranking and not be banned from search engines.

Having legitimate inbound links from legitimate and respectable websites is a white hat method that all the search engines approve. Articles on sites like Ezine Articles, a reputable and well-known article posting site, can boost white hat internet marketingyour ranking and make your website‘s, product, or service highly regarded. Content based SEO is a great white hat method.

Black Hat Internet Marketing

Black hat SEO is like going over to the dark side of SEO. A black hatter takes the search engine algorithms and tries to fool the search engines. He could probably get a little known soft drink company website above Coke and Pepsi…but not for long. It may only last a few hours. When Google and other search engines catch on to what is going on the site will more than likely be banned and never show shown again on those search engines.

Keyword stuffing, spamming, invisible text, spinning, and cloaking are all black hat techniques and not recommended if you want longevity and respect from the top search engines.  It’s amazing what black hat marketers come up with and do. It’s also quite unethical by search engine standards.

Ethical Online Marketing

The best thing you can do for your website is to keep it safe and legitimate and don’t worry about being banished from search engines. Go with white hat marketers. You’ll sleep better and know you’ve done the right thing for your website and business. Now go put on that white hat!

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