How Importent is Speling?

As a content based SEO company we reveiw, on a daily basis, all kinds of different content for the internet. Spelling is one of the most important items to be reveiwed.  The English language has so many rules but what is even more confusing are the different ways to spell different sounds.

Long “A” sound day, weigh, date, main, rein, great
Long “E” sound dean, see, be, believe, receive, magazine
Long “I” sound mine, might, rhyme, bayou, align, idol
Long “O” sound no, blow, though, sew, boat, lone, beau
Long “U” sound shoe, grew, through, doom, blue, two, who, brute, fruit

Today we have spelling and grammar checkers in many of are applications on our PCs. But they don’t always catch errors because it may be a word but not the correct word. Always proofread and double check anything that the public will see. A coupel extra minutes can help save your reputation. Its certainly worth you’re while. Your internet marketing campagn will be a step above what other companies work with.

One of my pet peaves that I commonly see is SEO company websites, from countries outside the United States, that do not use proper spelling and grammar. How comfrotable would you be with having them write your content? If the spelling and grammar on there website is not correct, can you imagine how botched up your articals, press releases, or blog posts would be? Your business could quickly loose it’s professional status and loose clients and potential clients.

How many spelling and grammar errors did you catch in this blog post?

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Social Media Revolution

Socialnomics made this great video. Social media is here to stay. More proof that content based SEO plays a huge part in internet marketing. Amazing statistics and very well done.

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Blogs Rank High for Content Based SEO

All types of different  people and businesses are using blogs to create a web presence and conversation. The word “blog” was originated from the term web log. They log people’s actions, reactions, and thoughts. An interesting Blogs content based seoblog creates an on-line community of people interested in similar issues and subjects. Some have thousands and thousands of followers and are a major force in social media.

Blogs Increase Organic Ranking

In todays business world they are a necessity as vast numbers of people search on-line for research and information before buying. Organic ranking for blogs are among the highest because content is updated frequently showing search engines fresh content to crawl. Any high quality internet marketing campaign includes a blog. Content based SEO is crucial to internet marketing and blogs are a big part of that toolbox.

WordPress October Statistics

WordPress, my favorite blog provider, announced their October stats on November 4th. If you have any doubts about blogs being an important and commonly used social media tool these statistics will prove their growth.

  • 467,107 blogs were created.
  • 6,690,017 posts were published.
  • 494,186 new users joined.
  • 7,623,730 file uploads.
  • 4,986 gigabytes of new files.
  • 842 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 7,856,864 logins.
  • 1,405,459,558 pageviews on, and another 1,474,457,685 on self-hosted blogs (2,879,917,243 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 2,509,895 active blogs and 25,386,866 active posts, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,600,608,549 words.

Put a Blog in your Internet Marketing Toolbox

These statistics prove that blogs have emerged as one of the best marketing tools the web provides. Blogs are easy to create and convenient to use. They give internet marketers an opportunity to promote their business in a web friendly atmosphere, appearing accessible and friendly. Not only can businesses get their word out but blog comments allow for followers reactions and input. What a great way for a business to keep on top of their clients, and potential clients wants and needs.

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Internet Marketing: Another one Bites the Dust

Recipe Searchers Head for the Internet instead of Magazines

This excerpt from the PBS website is just another example how content based SEO is making an enormous dent in how businesses relate to their clients. Looks like Gourmet Magazine didn’t jump on board soon enough.

Did the Web Kill Gourmet Magazine? | PBS

The murder happened in the kitchen with a laptop.

That possible explanation for the death of Gourmet magazine sounds like a Gourmet Magazinesolution from the game Clue. The 68-year-old food magazine met its end this month when publisher Condé Nast cut it and two other magazines. Some blamed Gourmet’s demise on the Internet and its theft of the print audience. It’s easy to see why.

For foodies, the attraction of thousands of food websites is powerful. Many home cooks now carefully position a laptop in the kitchen, keeping it safe from crumbs and splashes, instead of a magazine recipe. The loss of Gourmet, which was seen as a prestigious title, means that other food magazines may now feel a greater sense of insecurity.

But the threat to food titles goes beyond the mere existence of the web; it also comes from magazines’ challenges in the changing game of branding.

Getting to Know You

It might be tempting for some to blame the thousands of food bloggers for distracting audiences from print media.

There’s a food blogger for every ethnic specialty, dietary concern or locality. Bloggers offer personal connections, unique voices, and a passion for their subject that print magazines may not provide. Narrow expectations from readers and advertisers can limit print magazine content, while bloggers are more free to explore topics in frequent posts.

Read more here:  MediaShift . Did the Web Kill Gourmet Magazine? | PBS.

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How Does Universal Search Affect Internet Marketing?

In 2007, all the SEO marketers wanted to know what universal search meant for them.   Could this be the death of SEO for Internet Marketers?  What will this do for organically written articles?  Will you have to rank in the top three rather than the top ten in order to make room for the other forms of media that will be listed on the front page?Universal Search

Almost three years later, universal search is a boon for those that are Internet savvy.  We have learned how to expand our business from a global search to a local search.  Videos and podcasts became a way of life for the average computer user and anyone that was serious about getting their message across. 

What is Universal Search?

You may be wondering what universal search is.  Universal search entails a blended form of performing a search.  When you begin a search, you no longer pull up straight text like in the days past.  You may find results that list images, press releases, videos, local businesses, maps, blogs, audio, and articles all included on the first page of your search.

SEO is Dead…  Or is It?

Along with every change that occurs, you will always find the doomsayers.  Universal search was supposed to be the death of SEO techniques.  However, others might argue that this just gave knowledgeable marketers some extra tools to be noticed. 

The fact is that the Internet will continually evolve with or without you.  Instead of fighting changes, there will always be a way to adapt with the times.  Furthermore, people will always be on the Internet looking for more information from people willing to offer information with value rather than a hard sell.

Some may say that universal search has made things infinitely more difficult.  Those of us that are ready to develop a new range of content, see this as an opportunity to get our message across on several platforms.

SEO that Evolves with the Times

When we utilize all the types of content out there including articles, video, podcasts, press releases, and images, we open the door to a range of mediums that appeal to a larger market.  After all, not everyone’s preferred style of learning is through linguistics.  It is obvious in today’s global community, that visual and auditory play just as large a role in gaining knowledge.

It is essential that we build a consistent message across all of these platforms in order to achieve the maximum amount of benefits available.  Optimize your content using universal search marketing strategies for your product, service, or information to be noticed first.

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Internet Marketing: White Hat vs. Black Hat

Ethical and Unethical Online Marketing Campaigns

Just like anything else, there is good and bad in internet marketing campaigns. There are ethical and unethical means that companies use to boost website ranking. In the internet world it’s the white hat vs. the black hat.

White Hat Internet Marketing

White hat SEO is the ethical and legitimate method to raise your organic ranking for your website. Practices for this include, labeling your site properly, making it accessible, and having quality content. Not overdoing keywords and placing them in a natural, flowing manner will help place your site above your competition. This will ensure that your site will stay in the page ranking and not be banned from search engines.

Having legitimate inbound links from legitimate and respectable websites is a white hat method that all the search engines approve. Articles on sites like Ezine Articles, a reputable and well-known article posting site, can boost white hat internet marketingyour ranking and make your website‘s, product, or service highly regarded. Content based SEO is a great white hat method.

Black Hat Internet Marketing

Black hat SEO is like going over to the dark side of SEO. A black hatter takes the search engine algorithms and tries to fool the search engines. He could probably get a little known soft drink company website above Coke and Pepsi…but not for long. It may only last a few hours. When Google and other search engines catch on to what is going on the site will more than likely be banned and never show shown again on those search engines.

Keyword stuffing, spamming, invisible text, spinning, and cloaking are all black hat techniques and not recommended if you want longevity and respect from the top search engines.  It’s amazing what black hat marketers come up with and do. It’s also quite unethical by search engine standards.

Ethical Online Marketing

The best thing you can do for your website is to keep it safe and legitimate and don’t worry about being banished from search engines. Go with white hat marketers. You’ll sleep better and know you’ve done the right thing for your website and business. Now go put on that white hat!

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Online Marketing: No more Yellow Pages

Websites Take Over Yellow Pages

Everyday we do more and more on the web. We pay our bills, check our bank account, read email, and research for answers to our questions. Remember when the new Yellow Pages delivered at our door was a big deal? It’s a thing of the past. I take my paper phone books directly from my front door to the trash can. Why lug around a giant book when with a click of my mouse I can find any business out there worth its salt. Online marketing has taken over.

Increase Sales and Awareness of Your BusinessOnline Marketing Campaigns Close Deals

Businesses are straying from printed advertising and launching internet marketing campaigns that are more likely to increase sales and awareness of their business. Millions of dollars are being spent on pay per click campaigns and Google is loving it.  When you do a Google search, and see all the businesses listed on the right, think dollar signs. Advertisers pay a fortune to be listed there.

Organic Ranking Rules the Internet

Organic ranking (the left side listings when you do a Google search) is the most valuable place your website can be. It is where most searchers go to find what they are looking for online. Among other things, search engines look for how many links your website has linking back to it and decide where to put something in the results. Other methods, that search engines like Google use, are top secret and kept in a vault with the combination only known to the internet fairies. Seriously, Google changes so often no one can keep up with them.

Marketing Your Business

SEO (search engine optimization) plays a critical role for businesses. The internet has changed our way of living and the way a business advertises. Don’t let your business get forgotten and discarded like the phone books.

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